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EUSP: from “Torricelli” to Copenhagen

The EUSP project aims to ignite a dialogue between students and scientists, introduce them to the broader European community and motivate them to become more involved in the decisions that will help determine our future. The principal concern of the project is the management of future cities. Between 70 and 100 students from each of the 18 local or national student parliaments all over Europe took part in the EUSP project in February of this year. The objective of this first phase was to discuss five to seven subtopics in five working groups. The branch that took place in Bolzano covered the five thematic areas of future mobility, climate change in the urban future, energy efficient houses and flats, smart cities (life in an urban network) and civil participation in the city. At the end of this initial phase, one student per working group was nominated to represent her or his subtopic at the final European student parliament in June 2014 in Copenhagen. Three of the five students chosen to represent our area in the ultimate phase of this amazing initiative come from our school.  I am honoured to be one of the three Torricelli representatives heading to Copenhagen. Participating in the EUSP Parliament provided a forum for a meeting of the minds of young people from all over Europe and an outlet for their motivation and inspiration in the fields of science and politics. Taking part in the parliament simulation on a local level ignited a desire in me to experience what a broader perspective of opinions and ideas will bring to the project. I can’t wait to meet the other delegates and visit the wonderful city of Copenhagen for such a great project!

Sofia Bettella, III C

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