Is there a way to forecast the future? This is the question that has been haunting man for ages. Thanks to the technological development over the past decades it might be possible to predict our future behaviour. We are in front of a revolution, every day thousands of new and different data are acquired. Every single piece of information can be translated in to data. But is our life calculable? Pina Dietsche and Jakob Kip wanted to find out. Scientists analyzd data from their past to predict the future. Both of them went to two specialists for two months and they allowed them to check the data on their smartphones. The two scientists of the University of Bonn followed the habits of Pina and Jakob. The data thus collected were analyzed and translated into algorithms. An algorithm is a procedure used to solve problems? The datas of the algorithm can be translated and analyzed. Algorithms can be used in various fields, including medicine. The result of the experiment for Jakob was that his future was unpredictable because he was always travelling but Pina’s lifestyle was very repetitive and therefore predictable. However these procedures can not be 100% reliable because there are some facts in life that can just not be predicted.

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